Girl Power: Diesel Engine Basics


Amanda Swan Neal

Girl Power: Diesel Engine Basics

Amanda Swan Neal will guide you through the six essential components of diesel engines with detailed PowerPoint images and an actual engine, providing you a clear understanding of how engines work. You’ll learn how to undertake basic engine checks and when it’s time to hire a mechanic to keep an engine running smoothly. She will also demystify normal maintenance procedures including belt tensioning, fuel system maintenance, oil and filter changes, water pump impeller replacement and winterizing. Troubleshooting and simple repairs are also clearly covered. Amanda is by no means a mechanic, although over the past 42 years she has helped maintain and repair engines on various boats on which she has worked and sailed worldwide. A free handout details this seminar and copies of her just-released, “Marine Diesel Essentials, A Learning and Coloring Book” will be available.


Amanda Swan Neal’s 332,000 ocean miles include completing the Whitbread Around the World Race as rigger aboard Maiden, two Sydney-Hobart Races and seven Cape Horn roundings. She has worked as a rigger and sailmaker in England, Australia and New Zealand. Additional experience includes coaching women’s international sailing teams and tall ship sail-training. She has instructed aboard Mahina Tiare II & III since 1994 and is author of Diesel Engine Essentials, A Learning and Coloring Book and The Essential Galley Companion plus 125 magazine articles.

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