The Back-Up Plan: Trailering With Ease (hands on)


Jenna Pickell & Abbey Pritchard

The Back-Up Plan: Trailering With Ease (hands on)

We have all seen drivers that can back-up a trailer with ease into a tight spot or maneuver a busy boat launch. Become one of these people! Come learn the tips and tricks of towing and master the skills to tow a boat trailer with confidence! Space is limited.


Jenna Pickell - I have spent my summers growing up at my Grandparents house and family cottage on Lake Muskoka. My grandfather Cam Pickell started the shows at the CNE and my dad Dean Pickell was a tournament skier. Needless to say, skiing was in my bones. When I was 16 I started working at Summer Water Sports where I learned how to drive and launch boats. Always a confident and determined woman I strived to ask for help and take my time to learn these skills. Over the past 2 years working at Muskoka Boat Gallery I have had the opportunity to perfect trailering by planning and executing various “Ladies Day” events on Muskoka, Rosseau, and Lake of Bays. I look forward to building your confidence and knowledge in trailering so that you can enjoy more quality time boating with your family and friends.

Abbey Pritchard - I have grown up around water sports’ and water-skiing my whole life. Both of my parents were Australian water ski racers and as soon as I was old enough, I have been water-skiing. I grew up on the Hawkesbury River and unlike Canada, we do not have docks on the river. Every time I go skiing, I have to trailer our boat and put it in and out so I have gotten very used to towing and backing a trailer up. When I was 18, I moved to China to show ski for a year. I then moved to Canada and the Cayman Islands to work for Summer Water Sports where I taught water skiing and drove boats all day and also did shows most nights. I have loved being a part of the water-skiing community and think that it is such a great family sport and something that I am very passionate about. I own and run a water ski school with my family in Australia and love to be able to teach people this activity that has always bought so much joy and passion for me over the years! I am looking forward to building your trailering confidence and to help other families enjoy time in the water with their friends and family like I have been able to!
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