Let's Go Cruising! With Your Family, Your Partner, or Alone


Pam Wall

Let's Go Cruising! With Your Family, Your Partner, or Alone

I bet everyone has dreamed of cruising to paradise!  I would like to give each and every one of you a glimpse into how to make that dream come true - how to get there and what it will be like.  I would like to tell you some stories about cruising, give you some good ideas to take home with you, and tell you about the wonderful experiences you could have boating by yourself, with your partner, and with your family.  I hope I can inspire you to get out there as soon as you can and have the wonderful life you dream about.


Chicago was the town where Pam spent her youth sailing with her family and dreaming of a life filled with adventure aboard a boat. She met Andy Wall shortly after he rounded Cape Horn in a 30 foot timber sloop back in 1967. Their honeymoon was sailing across the Atlantic to Europe and return on this tiny wood sloop with no toilet, no engine, no electronics, and not even a radio, and a one burner kerosene stove, and she slept on the cabin sole.  And yet she says it was the best time of her life! Pam and her husband, Andy, later built their own Freya 39 sloop.  After taking their two small children around the world for a seven year circumnavigation on their boat KANDARIK, Pam worked at the West Marine store in Fort Lauderdale for 20 years as Cruising Consultant and Outfitting Manager. KANDARIK is still out there sailing on Biscayne Bay with Pam and her son, Jamie.  Pam not only helps cruisers have the right equipment for blue water sailing, but she is also a source for information on the cruising lifestyle, routes and sailing information, and helping to encourage new cruisers.   Her Web-Site: www.pamwall.com has a lot of useful cruising information that is always available.  You can reach Pam at pam@pamwall.com for her personalized consulting. 

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