The “Happy” Hooker: Tips and Techniques on Successful Anchoring


Carol Gillstrom

The “Happy” Hooker: Tips and Techniques on Successful Anchoring

Don’t let anchoring spoil a great day of boating. Carol has sailed full time with her husband for 6 years. They have enjoyed many pleasurable stops in breathtaking anchorages. Learn what anchoring strategies they implement to minimize each other’s stress, to maximize restful sleeps on the hook and to stay safe throughout the anchoring process. Carol will discuss; choosing the right anchorage, selection and safe use of ground tackle and related equipment, and in particular, crew communication while anchoring. She will outline methods of setting and weighing anchor in simple, and, tricky conditions taking into consideration; swing room, prop walk and the dreaded lee shore. Carol will share practical ways to keep your vessel secured in currents and tidal waters and when the weather deteriorates.  Utilization of chart plotters and radar, while anchoring, will also be discussed. Novice or advanced cruisers will benefit from illustrative slides, and informative hand-outs provided. 


Carol started sailing 20 years ago after her husband ask her if she would like to build a boat and sail the world. Carol has logged 75,000 miles since then, including 60,000 miles in the last six years, on their custom designed/built 45’ aluminum cutter, Voyageur 10.10. They have successfully anchored in many challenging conditions all over the world, including 35 foot tides in the Bristol Channel UK, 70 knot winds during hurricane Sandy, 100’ deep fiords in Alaska and crowded anchorages in the Caribbean. Carol and her husband, Ken, live and conduct sail training adventures aboard Voyageur where ever they are in the world. Their “safety-first” mind set will steer you away from some of the more common pitfalls so you can enjoy safe and memorable cruising adventures. Check out their adventures and sailing courses at or Facebook “Voyageur Sailing”.

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