All Systems Go! Boat Maintenance and Repair for Women!


Pamela Bendall

All Systems Go! Boat Maintenance and Repair for Women!

Knowing how your boat operates, and how to maintain and repair it not only increases your enjoyment and satisfaction of being on the water; but it is also an important safety component. Pamela Bendall has sailed over 200,000 ocean miles, many solo, and handles all of the maintenance and repairs aboard her 47 foot, 50,000 pound sailboat. If you maintain your boat properly you'll incur fewer emergency repairs. Pamela will share her knowledge and maintenance protocol during this engaging seminar including changing filters, alternator belts, and keeping your electrical and battery systems more!  *Pamela will have her book available for signing and sale at the show which includes an Appendix highlighting these strategies (Boat Show price $20.00) 


Toronto born/Vancouver based Pamela (Roy) Bendall has sailed for more than 30 years over 100,000 ocean miles to more than 100 countries – many solo. Now a grandmother, and full time cruiser she loves to write about her experiences and entertain audiences with her sailing adventures and passion for sustainable oceans.

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