Keynote Presentation: Build Your Confidence - Maximize Your Fun!


Deb Cantrell

Keynote Presentation: Build Your Confidence - Maximize Your Fun!

Yes You Can – And By Your Own Design! There was a time when buying a boat – any kind of boat – was driven primarily by men who knew exactly what kind of boat they wanted and why. Women were often ambivalent, acquiescent bystanders resigned to first mate status by the often erroneous belief that he knew more than she. That was then… Today, women are asserting their choices in vessel, destination, duration and comfort. Boating and cruising no longer have to be characterized by eating beans from a can while being tossed about in building seas - unless you want to of course. And heading out on a grey hazy day with storm clouds on the horizon and no way of predicting what the weather will bring is a thing of the past. Women are choosing how to float, when, for how long and with whom! The time is ours for making choices that empower us, give voice to our dreams and ambitions, and that propel and inspire us to explore far and near confident in our abilities to do so. We can have fun on the water by our own design!


Deb Cantrell, Best-selling author, writer, amateur photographer, boater/cruiser, adventurer, perpetual optimist, passionate life-long learner, believer that all things are possible. “If I can do it, so can you!” Deb Cantrell knew virtually nothing about boats of any kind when she and her husband chose their first vessel, a 33 foot wooden motor cruiser, for its varnished handrails and ‘room to dance on the aft deck’. Deb knew even less when a few years later she spied a sailboat with “big windows, two sticks and a lot of strings” that held the promise of both comfort and adventure. Armed with an overwhelming fear of water, a reluctance to compromise a lifestyle she loved, and an unwavering curiosity about ‘all the possibilities’ Deb embarked on a journey of discovery that has been characterised by moments of agony, stretches of ecstasy, and an overarching sense of bliss. It’s a journey that endures almost three decades later and shows no sign of abating. Deb and her husband, Jim, live in Collingwood Ontario for six months of the years and spend the remainder of their time on their boat in the Med. Their four-legged First Mate, Jake, is a constant companion. Deb continues to work fulltime as a consultant in the human services sector and is working on her next book, Still on Course – and Loving It!

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