Sailing to the Caribbean or Crossing the Atlantic?



Isabelle Tremblay & David, Rebecca, Demi Hayes

Sailing to the Caribbean or Crossing the Atlantic?

What makes the Hayes family Special? "Nothing!" they answer. They simply realized their own dream... but that is exactly what makes them special! After a serious accident that left David bedridden for three months, a dream began to emerge and take form. In 2013, Isabelle, Rebecca (13), Demi (9) and David all took the start of the Caribbean 1500 rally aboard their Hunter 410 Morning Haze. The initial plan started out as a winter sailing get away to the Bahamas but ended as two seasons spent in the Caribbean intersperse with a circumnavigation of the Atlantic Ocean with stops in Bermuda, The Azores, Portugal, North Africa, The Canaries I, etc. Come and listen to them sharing their own experiences and "Coips de Coeur" but more importantly what it takes to make your own dream happen.


French Canadian couple, Isabelle Tremblay and David Hayes realized their dream of 10 years in 2013 to 2015, and completed an Atlantic Circuit from Canada southwards to cruise the Caribbean before crossing to Europe and back with their two daughters Demi and Rebecca, then aged 9 and 13 years. During their two year family adventure, they covered over 14,000 thousand miles on board their Hunter 410 “Morning Haze” exploring all over the Caribbean islands, European waters and the North African Coast. They have first-hand experience in the different World Cruising Club rallies having sailed the Caribbean 1500 2013, ARC-Europe 2014, ARC 2014 and ARC-USA 2015 rallies. Since docking back in Canada, Isabelle Tremblay has taken on the role of Administrative Manager for the World Cruising Club USA rallies and now working on the Canadian events. David Hayes, an expert on health and safety at sea, has resumed his position as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Professor at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivieres. In collaboration with WCC, he is continuing research on offshore sailing injuries among cruisers. 

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