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Lee Chesneau

Understanding Weather and Cruise Decision Making Workshop (3 hours) $68 seminar fee plus boat show admission. Limited seating. Pre-registration required. Pre-requisite: Attend all of Lee's free seminar topics & the pre-paid workshops "The Surface Pressure Chart Workshop" & "The 500 Mb Chart Workshop"

Toronto International Boat Show
2:00pm - SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 2017
Enercare Centre, Salon 110W

Seminar Details

Offshore blue water cruising on the high seas waters of any ocean always involves receiving some form of extended range marine weather forecasts (from pilot charts, alpha-numeric text forecasts, to the real time analyses & forecast charts), all issued from tax funded government agencies such as Environment Canada or the U.S. NWS as aforementioned in the previous Toronto Boat Show free seminars & prepaid workshops .

- We will delve more as to how to integrate the appropriate pilot charts & real time core weather charts inclusive of 500 mb, surface pressure, & wind/wave analyses & forecast charts.

- First; we’ll look at long range distance voyage planning via pilot charts.

- Second; the importance of documentation & verification of marine weather forecasts through 120 hours (5-days) for enabling an ocean navigator the confidence level for engaging the big picture through the aforementioned synoptic scale weather charts, tying the big picture to that of the local marine analyses & forecasts.

- Finally, plan a North Atlantic Ocean virtual voyage from Lake Ontario (Toronto) via the St Lawrence River (Seaway) & the Canadian Maritimes, coastal to Halifax then onto Bermuda & eastbound to the Azores (e.g. Lajes), using all available resources previously discussed & introduced in Lee’s free seminars & prepaid workshops at the Toronto Boat Show.

- Prerequisites: Attend all of Lee's free seminar topics & the pre-paid workshops "The Surface Pressure Chart Workshop" & "The 500 Mb Chart Workshop". See the Toronto Boat Show seminar & workshop schedule along with detailed syllabus descriptions.

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About Lee Chesneau

Lee Chesneau is a senior marine meteorologist, lecturer, & author. He is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin (Madison) where he earned a B.S. Degree in Meteorology.  Lee had a distinguished & extensive career with NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) & Satellite Service. He also served as naval officer in the U.S. Navy, a “Route Analyst” for a commercial weather & ship routing company. Today, Lee is an accomplished U.S. Coast Guard certified instructor for basic and advanced meteorology at number of continuing training institutions for professional mariners. He offers the same curriculum to educate & train recreational boaters on becoming self-reliant in their own marine weather knowledge for application in marine weather forecasting & strategic vessel routing.  See his webpage   He can be reached by e-mail: .



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