Jack Summers

Marine Radios - Handheld or Fixed Mount? VHF or SSB?

Toronto International Boat Show
12:00pm - SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 2017
Enercare Centre, The Boathouse

Seminar Details

Marine radios are often overlooked by some but considered a necessary LIFELINE by others. Whether you are a day sailor or are heading on a blue water adventure, an angler or a cruiser, when you are on big water a marine radio is a must. Marine radios save lives and are easy to use. They are more effective for marine communications than CB radios or cell phones. Going out to sea? Radioworld are the experts in SSB Voice and Digital Communications too, with over 20 years’ experience in HF communications. Join us at the Boathouse stage and let us answer some of those questions for you or visit our store for one of our FREE Seminars. More information can be found at www.radioworld.ca

About Jack Summers

Jack has been involved in radio communications for nearly 25 years. He is an amateur radio operator and has in-depth experience in VHF voice and digital communications, SSB communications, antennas and communication systems of all types. As the General Manager for Canada’s largest communications retailer, Jack’s commitment to radio communications comes from the heart and is his core strength. Jack is a boater, an avid angler and has excellent knowledge in marine electronics. His duties include consulting on the supply of marine electronics and communications solutions for Government Agencies, Law Enforcement and retail customers. If you have a question about VHF or SSB Communications, do not hesitate in seeking his advice and recommendations.



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