John Hosty

Knot Tying - The Ones You Really Need

Toronto International Boat Show
2:00pm - FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 2017
Enercare Centre, The Boathouse

Seminar Details

While there are many knots that have been developed through the years, there are only five that are really necessary to safely handle your boat and its rig. This hands-on session gives you the opportunity to learn how to tie; stopper knot, reef knot, sheetbend, fender knot, bowline and how to prepare a towing bridle.

About John Hosty

Captain John Hosty is a qualified Master Mariner who, after a career in oil, chemical and gas tankers, managed to make it ashore in one piece. Since then John has spent a deal of time learning to sail fibreglass rather than push steel around the world. As a Sail Canada qualified Cruising Instructor John has helped others pursue his passion for sailing in the Great Lakes and Caribbean with a focus on handling mid to large sized mono-hulls and catamarans in all types of waters, climates and weathers. In his day job, John works as a Marine Surveyor for a leading Insurance Claims Survey company and gets to see, first hand, the results of poor seamanship, lack of knowledge and attention to detail. Much of this when docking vessels or ignoring simple buoyage systems when approaching unfamiliar waters.



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